Proper Chips from Lordchip

Why Chilled?

From higher yield to a better taste, there are a number of very good reasons why chilled chips have the edge over frozen. Below is a summary table of just why you should be using chilled chips and in particular Lord Chips!

Features Benefits to you the caterer
More taste
Chilled chips give a better taste!
By serving the best tasting chips your customers will keep coming back for more!
→ More customers and sales!
More appealing
Lord Chips are predominantly produced from yellow flesh potatoes and consequently they look temptingly golden!
Appearances count for a lot, that’s why crispy, golden chips are always best!
→ More customers and sales!

Shorter frying time
Chilled chips have approx 10% quicker frying time than frozen chips. Therefore more portions can be served within the same time span.

Peak hours are no longer a problem. With quick turnaround frying you can increase efficiency, offering your customers a better service and serving more portions!
→ More customers and sales!

More portions
Chilled chips offer more portions than from the same quantity of frozen chips, as they contain less water.
Chilled chips give two or three more servings per bag, adding up to a big saving over the year!
→ More profit!
Less energy consumption
Our research shows*:
With chilled chips you will save up to 50% per portion on energy costs as the frying oil will reach its required temperature sooner than with frozen. Chilled chips can be stored in a chill room at (0 - 4˚C) as opposed to a freezer, saving even more on energy costs.
You will use considerably less energy for both storage and preparation purposes.
→ Saving money!
Lower fat content:
Tests in the lab show frozen chips absorb up to 30% more frying fat than chilled.*
Less oil consumption for you.
→ Saving money!
→ Healthier for your customers!
Fewer renewals of frying oil
Operators are unanimous: due to smaller temperature fluctuations when using chilled chips you don’t have to change your oil as frequently.
More perfect portions prepared in the same frying fat.
→ Saving money & labour costs!
No de-frosting
Chilled chips are ready to go without the need to plan for defrosting.
The most convenient chip option
→ Saving time
21 day shelf life
3 week shelf life in the chiller
Long shelf life helps to minimise waste
→ Saving money and reducing waste!
* Continuous testing in the Aviko laboratories